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Hélène Ledoux, miller in Belgentier in the Var
Producer of extra virgin olive oil from France & olive confectioner


The extraction of the olive oil :

When the olives are ripe, each cooperator brings their olives to the mill. Florent, the miller, controls the healthy quality of the olives. The cooperators of the oil mill are very small producers or private individuals with a few olive trees. Often elderly, they patiently maintain their olive trees and take great care when picking olives. Olive trees are rarely irrigated and do not benefit from any special treatment. The yields are particularly low, whereas it takes 5 to 6 kg of olives to obtain 1 litre of oil. At the oil mill of La Belgentiéroise, the olive oil is extracted cold by strictly mechanical action with a continuous process using a centrifugal system. The olives are crushed to form a paste, then mixed. The oil is finally extracted from the dough. Florent thus obtains a pure fruit juice.

Olive oil characteristics

The olives of La Vallée du Gapeau are picked at maturity by the producers. At La Belgentièroise oil mill, Florent perpetuates the ancestral Provençal know-how to produce an extra virgin olive oil obtained only by mechanical processes. This traditional quality oil is characterized by a subtle or ripe fruity taste.

Ripe fruity : olive oil is produced from ripe olives. Olive oil is sweet with little ardour and no bitterness. It has a subtle taste with aromas of almond, ripe fruit, flowers and vegetable notes.

Certification & Appellation  :

  • Extra virgin olive oil with subtle taste (ripe fruity)
  • Olive oil from France 
  • Olive oil from the South of France
  • Silver Medal at the Concours national de Draguignan, 2017
  • Silver Medal at the Concours régional PACA, 2017
  • Silver Medal at the Sélection varoise, 2017

Contact details :

Address : (SCA) Coopérative Oléicole LA BELGENTIEROISE – La Font Sainte – Esplanade François Bottéro – 83210 Belgentier

Phone :

Website :

Quantity and utilisation advices :

The mill of La Belgentiéroise crushes from 100 to 200 tons per year, depending on the production of its 500 cooperators subject to climatic hazards and in particular drought.

Hélène Ledoux, miller in Belgentier in the Var

Producer of extra virgin olive oil from France

The history of the oil mill :

The oil mill La Belgentiéroise was created in 1930. Unavoidable in the Var, the mill is known for its table olive confectionery of the La Belgentièroise variety, whose name the mill. Since the 1950s, the oil mill has specialized in the pressing of pitted olives. This rare technique makes it possible to produce a unique olive oil of superior quality, with a subtle taste and without ardour. The particular characteristics of the olive oil from the mill has contributed significantly to its reputation. Florent perpetuates the tradition of the Provencal mill and has acquired a unique know-how.

The varieties of olive :

The olives are harvested by about 500 cooperators from La Vallée du Gapeau who passionately maintain the ancestral tradition of olive tree cultivation. The small plots are located on the hills surrounding the village of Belgentier. They are planted with several varieties of olives:

Lucques : this variety of olive is harvested harvested mature for the mill in November. Olive oil is sweet and delicate, with a banana flavour. Also to be discovered in table olives.
Picholine : the olive oil is strong and bitter with aromas of  splurge. Also to be discovered in table olives. Excellent as an aperitif!
Grossane : olive oil characterized by its taste of grapefruit with strawberry note.
Bouteillan : olive oil long in the mouth. Perfumed, but without ardour. With aromas of freshly cut green grass (raw artichoke).
Belgentiéroise : a typical local variety from La Vallée du Gapeau (Var hinterland) and early. To be discovered in table olives for its fleshy fruit
Aglandau : Vegetal fruity. Burning olive oil with a slight bitterness…
Cayon :
Sweet and fruity olive oil with almond flavour.

Culinary advices :

La Belgentiéroise extra virgin olive oil has a rare and recognized typicality in the Var. Its subtle taste with aromas of dried and ripe fruit, flowers and vegetable notes goes perfectly with raw and cooked vegetables, salads and fish. This ripe fruity olive oil is also ideal as a pastry or to be served with desserts.

A simple drizzle of olive oil on vanilla ice cream adds an original note. You can also make ice creams in olive oil, chocolate mousse in olive oil, madeleines, pancakes…

It is also possible to use this extra virgin olive oil for frying (maximum 210°C). In 2015, researchers at the University of Granada demonstrated that the culinary technique of cooking vegetables in a frying pan of extra virgin olive oil caused an increase in the proportion of polyphenols (powerful natural antioxidants).

The position of the production of olive oil

Fin the position of the producer who joined La Compagnie de l’Huile d’Olive.