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Michel Fayant, Moulinier Oléiculteur & Apiculteur Moulin de Haute Provence,
Producteur d'huile d’olive AOP de Nyons Extra vierge & de miel


The Extraction of Olive Oil :

The Moulin de Haute Provence obtains a pure fruit juice from olives of the Tanche variety and by mechanical processes. The Nyons olive oil of the mill is a 1st cold pressed. In his mill, Michel Fayant perpetuates the ancestral know-how of the millers of the Baronnies and the Nyonsais.
As soon as the olives are harvested, they are sent to the Moulin de Haute Provence for crushing. On arrival at the mill, the olives are washed. Removed from the leaves and other residues, they are crushed with a metal disc mill until a paste is obtained. The operation of kneading the paste can begin. It is followed by a centrifugation phase which consists of removing the olive oil from the paste. Finally, the oil is purified by a second centrifugation. The PDO standards for extra virgin Nyons olive oil are scrupulously respected during this process. All the properties and aromas of the olive oil are preserved.

The characteristics of olive oil:

The Nyons PDO extra virgin olive oil from the Moulin de Haute Provence is extracted cold by mechanical process to preserve all its polyphenol, antioxidant, omega and vitamin contents. The Nyons PDO guarantees the origin, the typicity of a unique terroir and an authentic know-how.
Nyons PDO olive oil from Moulin de Haute Provence is a pure fruit juice with a ripe fruitiness and subtle taste. The ripe fruitiness is quite rare and offers the advantage of a very diversified use in cooking. The oil is unctuous and soft. It is marked by a fresh buttery taste in the mouth. Finely fruity, it offers aromas of green apple and dried fruits (hazelnut and almond).

Certification & Appellation  :

  • Huile d’olive de Nyons AOP Extra Vierge (première pression à froid)
  • Médaille d’Or Le Concours des Huiles Olive AOP Nyons 2018
  • Huile d’olive de France 
  • Huile d’olive du Midi de la France.

Contact information :

Address : 4 Place de la Gare – 26170 BUIS LES BARONNIES


Quantity and instructions for use :

Tanche variety olives are exclusively picked in the Nyons PDO area, on the border of Provence, the Rhone valley and the Pre-Alps. The extraction of the extra virgin olive oil and its packaging are entirely carried out at the Moulin de Haute Provence in Buis Les Baronnies (France).

Michel Fayant, Moulinier Oléiculteur& Apiculteur Moulin de Haute Provence

Producteur d’huile d’olive AOP de Nyons Extra vierge & de miel – France

The history of the olive grove:

In Baronnies Provençale was born Michel Fayant. Coming from an old farming family, Michel is very attached to his roots. He cultivates with his father, his orchards of Nyons olive trees and apricots. In 2004, he became the owner of the Moulin de Haute Provence in Buis-Les-Baronnies. An uncompromising miller on quality, the Nyons olive oil from the Moulin de Haute Provence will be the first French olive oil to obtain the PDO designation. Today, this Nyons PDO olive oil is one of the best olive oils in the world. This reputation is the result of a long tradition and the perseverance of the men and women of the Baronnies and the Nyonsais. For 2000 years, the Nyons olive tree has been patiently selected to obtain an olive unique in the world, the Tanche variety. This variety, specific to Nyons olive oil, is adapted to the north of Provence and its sunny relief subjected to the first frosts of winter.

Olive varieties:

Nyons olive oil is obtained from the Tanche variety, a unique olive variety in the world. Tanche, known as the olive of Nyons is a fleshy and particularly tasty black olive which wrinkles at the arrival of winter. The olive from Nyons is characterized by an abundant and unctuous pulp. It is harvested at advanced maturity, from December to January, to reveal its emblematic typicity. The planting of the Nyons olive tree is delicate in other olive-growing regions because this olive tree is sensitive to wind and humidity.
Nyons olive oil is monovarietal. Extracted with exclusively the Tanche variety, this oil is particularly typical. Nyons PDO olive oil is very appreciated by cooks and gastronomes.

Cooking tips :

Nyons olive oil is the first olive-growing cru of France. Pure fruit juice, the Nyons PDO olive oil from the Moulin de Haute Provence is particularly sweet, buttery in the mouth and finely fruity. It offers aromas of green apple and dried fruits (hazelnut and almond). The smoothness and finesse of the Nyons olive oil from Moulin de Haute Provence can be explained by the unique use of the Tanche, a variety of olive picked at full maturity and harvested in winter.

The Nyons  PDO olive oil has subtle and gourmet aromas that allow it to be widely used in cooking. It also favours the expression of a creative Provencal and Mediterranean cuisine because its ripe fruitiness is rare and renowned. It is recommended for salads, raw vegetables, ratatouille, pasta, aioli, risotto. It goes well with fried eggs, potatoes, fish, semi-cooked red tuna, prawns, guinea fowl, chicken, lamb… It can be used for desserts: chocolate fondant, ice cream, fruit salad…

The location of olive oil production:

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