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Arnaud Truphème, Organic olive Grower in the Var
Organic AOC olive oil Producer in Provence

Bio Extra Virgin AOC Olive Oil of Provence – 25cl

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The Olive Oil extration :

At the harvest ending, Arnaud brings his olives to the mill habilited for transforming the olives from the organic agriculture (Bureau Veritas’s Certification). The olives are reduced into mash after being in the crusher. The obtained dough undergo a long and slow mixing. The olive pure juice obtained uniquely by a mechanical process, is now loaded of all the aromas. At the mill exit, the Extra virgin olive oil is very fiery. Through the weeks, the Olive oil of the Vallon de L’Allamande, wins some finessess and authenticity.

The typicity of Olive Oil

Arnaud is harvesting the green olives at the beginning of november to get an AOC Olive oil of Provence and Organic, with green fruitiness and an amber color.
The Green fruitiness : The olives are harvested in the Vallon de l’Allamande at the early maturity and triturated in the mill before 48 hours. The acidity rate and the peroxyde index are minimal. The olive oil keep his containts of polyphénols and antioxidants. The aromas recalls principaly the freshly cut herbs and the uncooked artichoke.

Appellation and Certification :

  • Extra virgin Olive Oil certified Organic.
  • Olive oil made in FranceOlive oil from the Midi of France
    Gold medalist at the Olive oil of France Constest at Nyons in 2017

Contact informations :

Adress : l’Allamande 83390 CUERS

Certified Organic

Quantity and Using advices :

The Olive grove of Vallon de l’Allamande is planted of 2000 Olive trees. The olive production is becoming more rare through the years because of the drough periods in the Var.


Arnaud Truphème, Organic olive Grower in the Var

Organic AOC olive oil Producer in Provence

The Olive grove’s history :

At the foot of the rock bars of Cuers, in the Var hinterland, is located the Olive grove of Vallon de l’Allamande.
It’s necessary to take a meandering way to reach the fields of Arnaud’s Olive trees. In the middle of hills, this terroir dedicated to the Olive trees culture since the 17 centory, dominates the mediterranean sea. With passion and patience, he replanted the Olive trees decimated by the frozen winter of 1956. On this land privileged by an exceptional sunlighting and a stony ground, Arnaud is dedicating himself from 20 years to the organic culture of the olive tree.

Olive varieties:

Arnaud’s Olive tree planting is respectful of the AOC Olive oil of Provence criterias and 100% organic extra virgin. The Vallon de l’Allamande offers an Olive oil with an authentic green fruitiness, dominated by the herbaceous sensations from 5 varieties of olives.
Aglandau : very pronounced with a vegetal fruitiness. The Olive oil is very fiery with a small bitterness. It gives a strong character to the Olive Oil.
Bouteillan : The Green fruitiness with a strong artichoke savor.
Cayon : A sweet Olive Oil with an almond savor, fruity and equilibrate. Without bitterness and asperity, this is a light and delicate olive oil.
Cayet roux or Plant de Figanières : An very old variety, typical of the Var, renowned for the fineness of its olive oil. An intense aroma of green apple.
Salonenque : A unique fineness which allows to this Olive oil to be used in pastry. A sweet Olive oil, fruity with a buttery final note and aromas of almond, fresh apple and artichoke.

Culinary advices :

Cru Agandau : Perfect on salads and fishs.
Cru Bouteillan : Perfect on tomato salads, steamed vegetables and fishs.
Cru Pitcholine : Taste revaler on cooked vegetables, fishs, uncooked or cooked meats.
Amators will appreciate a net of Olive Oil on a good bread slice.

The position of olive oil production:

Find the position of the producer who joins the Compagnie de l’Huile d’Olive.