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Christophe Paradis, olive grower and mill in Martignargues in the GardProducer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from France, PDO of Nîmes & millers


Extraction of olive oil:

In autumn, Moulin Paradis is in full swing. The first step is to wash the olives of all impurities. They are then crushed with the stone. The almond of the stone acts as a natural preservative of the olive oil. The pulp of the olive is then extracted by first cold pressing by mechanical process only, according to the centrifugation system. Christophe’s olive oil is decanted until a pure fruit juice is obtained.

The characteristics of olive oil

The ripe fruity: An old-fashioned olive oil with a traditional taste. The olive oil is produced from ripe olives. It is sweet with little heat and no bitterness. It has a fruity taste of black olives.
Green fruity: An intense and fruity taste, depending on the variety of olive used. The olives are harvested as they ripen to obtain monovarietal olive oils with a variety of nuances and aromas.

Certification & Designation :

  • Old fashioned fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil (ripe fruity)
  • Gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2017.
  • La Bouteillan Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gold Medal 2017 Concours Général Agricole de Paris.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Aglandau
  • Silver Medal 2017 Concours Général Agricole de Paris.
  • Olive Oil from France
  • Olive oil from the South of France
  • Label Militant du Goût pour le Moulin Paradis (militant taste label)

Contact information :

Address: Route de Saint-Césaire de Gauzignan, Mas de Portal, 30360 Martignargues

Quantity and instructions for use :

The extraction volume of Nîmes du Moulin Paradis extra virgin olive oil varies according to the year. It is an authentic Grand Cru olive oil obtained in the traditional way.

Christophe Paradis, olive grower and miller in Martignargues in the department of Gard

Producteur d’huile d’olive de France Extra Vierge, AOP de Nîmes & moulinier

The history of the olive grove:

In a 16th century farmhouse in Martignargues, a small medieval village in the Gard, Christophe Paradis has been perpetuating the family tradition of millers for 4 generations. In the middle of olive trees and vineyards with the Cévennes mountains as a horizon, Christophe tells with enthusiasm, the know-how of the mill. Christophe is also an experienced olive grower. He cultivates with passion his olive groves located in Saint Maximin in the Gard, not far from Uzès. The olives are picked from the tree, then carefully sorted before pressing. The diversity of olive varieties typical of the Gard allows Christophe to produce extra virgin olive oils from Nîmes in the old-fashioned way and monovarietal olive oils that offer all the flavours linked to their variety and their terroir. This work on the gustative quality of Moulin Paradis olive oils has been rewarded by the numerous medals obtained at the Concours Général de Paris, since 1998.

Olive varieties:

In the heart of the garrigue, Christophe prunes his olive trees according to the rules of art. He patiently maintains the soil of his orchard. At the time of the tree harvest, he takes care to select the olives according to their maturity.

To extract his olive oils, Christophe uses 4 varieties of olives:

  • Picholine : Dominant variety of the Gard. A fruity olive oil with artichoke flavours, smooth, round in the mouth with a hint of bitterness and ardence.
  • Negrette : Small early black olive. A fine olive oil, soft, long in the mouth with a slight peppery aftertaste.
  • Bouteillan : A fine, vegetable, herbaceous olive oil that gives the sensation of biting into a blade of fresh grass.
  • L’Aglandau : A very fine, fragrant and balanced oil, fresh in the mouth.

The blending of its varieties allows Christophe to produce an extra virgin oil, with an old-fashioned fruitiness and a PDO from Nîmes. He also produces monovarietal olive oils that retain the flavours of their variety.

Cooking tips :

The old fashionned extra virgin olive oil with its traditional taste is very fruity due to the blend of typical ripe olive varieties from the Gard (Picholine, Negrette, Bouteillan, Aglandau). A pronounced black olive taste. To discover absolutely in the Provencal recipes: ratatouille, soup with pistou… But also, quinoa salads, chickpea salads, soups, pasta and meats.

La Bouteillan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fruity green with an intense taste. A delight with the sensation of biting into a blade of fresh grass. A fine monovarietal olive oil, vegetable and herbaceous. To sublimate raw vegetable salads, mixed salads and fish.

L’Aglandau Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fruity green and intense taste: A very fine, fragrant, balanced and fresh olive oil. Fluid in the mouth. An elegant fruity green, slightly peppery. To give vitality to cold starters, vegetable velvets, pulses and poultry.

The location of olive oil production:

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