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Christophe Paradis, Olive Grower and Miller at Martigues in Le Gard
Extra virgin PDO Olive oil Miller and Producer of Nîmes

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Oil Extra olive Virgin Fruity in the former 50 cl – France

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Oil Extra olive Virgin Fruity in the former 75 cl – France

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The olive oil extraction :

In autumn, the Paradis mill is buzzing. The first step consists to wash the olives from all impurities. Then they are milled with the kernel. The core of kernel, act as a natural preservative of olive oil. The olive pulp is now extract by first pression at cold only by a mecanical process, with the centrifugation system. Christophe’s olive oil is decanted until obtaining a pure fruit juice.

The typicities of Olive oil

The green ripeness : An old-fashioned olive oil with a traditional taste. The Olive oil is produced from ripe olives. It’s sweet and a little bit fiery but without bitterness. It has a black olives fruity taste.
The green fruitiness : An intense and fruity taste in fonction of the olive varieties used. The olives are harvested in the middle of maturity to obtain monovarietal olive oils all in nuance with the aromas diversities.

Appellation and Certification :

  • Extra virgin olive oil with old-fashioned fruitiness (Ripe fruitiness)
  • Gold Medalist at General agricultural contest of Paris 2017
  • Silver medalist at General agricultural contest of Paris 2017
  • Extra virgin oil La BouteillanExtra virgin olive oil Aglandau
  • Olive oil made in France
  • Olive oil from the Midi de la France

Contact informations :

Adress : Route de Saint-Césaire de Gauzignan, Mas de Portal, 30360 Martignargues

Quantities and using advices :

The extraction volume of extra virgin olive oil from the Paradis Mill of Nimes is variable through the years. It’s a Grand Cru olive oil, authentic and obtained by a traditional way.

Christophe Paradis, Olive Grower and Miller at Martigues in Le Gard

Extra virgin PDO Olive oil Producer and Miller in Nîmes

The Olive grove history :

In the farmhouse of the XVI century at Martignargues (a small medival village of Le Gard), Christophe Paradis perpetuates the familial miller tradition from 4 generations. In the middle of his olive trees and vines with for horizon the mountains of Cévenols, Christophe tells with enthusiams, the expertise of the miller. Also olive grower, Chrsitophe is very experimented. He cultivates with passion his plots of olive trees located in Saint Maximin in Le Gard, close to Uzès.
The picking of olives are done on the tree, and carefully selected before the pressure. The diversity of varieties of olives typically Gardoises, allows Christophe to produce some extra virgin oils from Nîmes with the old-fashioned way and some monovarietal olive oils which offers all the savors related to the variety of their terroir. This work on the gustatory quality of the Moulin Paradis’s olive oil were rewarded by several medals obtained at the general contest of Paris since 1998.

The olive varieties :

At the heart of the scrubland, Christophe cuts his olive trees in the arts rules. He maintains patiently the orchards ground. At the picking moment on the tree, he watches carefully to select the good olives in fonction of their maturity. To extract his olive oils, Christophe uses of 4 varieties of olives :
Picholine : Dominant variety of Le Gard. A fruty olive oil with artichoke tastes, creamy, « round in the mouth » with a hint of bitterness and fiery.
Negrette : Precocious black little olive. A delicate olive oil, sweet « long in the mouth » with a light peppery return.

L’aglandau : Very delicate, perfumed and equilibrate, fresh in the mouth. The assembly of those varieties allows Christophe to produce an extra virgin oil, with the fruitiness of the old-fashioned way and a PDO from Nîmes. He also produces monovarietal olive oils which conserves the savor of their variety.

Culinary advices :

The extra virgin olive oil “old-fashioned fruitiness” with a traditional taste very typical of the Ripe olive culinary variety from Le Gard (Picholine, Negrette, Bouteillan, Aglandau). A black olive taste very pronounced. To discover absolutly in Provençal receipts of: Ratatouille, pesto soups … But also with quinoa salads, chickpeas salads, old soups and mash potatoes, pastas and meats.

The Extra Virgin olive oil Bouteillan: Green fruty with an intense taste. A delight with the sensation to eat a strand of fresh herb. A delicate olive oil monovarietal, herbaceous and vegetal. To sublimed salads, raw vegetables, salads and fish.

The Extra olive oil Aglandau: Green fruitiness with an intense taste. A very delicate olive oil, perfumed, fresh and equilibrate. Fluid in the mouth. An elegant green fruitiness, lightly peppered. To give vitality to cold entries, velvety vegetables, dry vegetables and poultry.

La position de la production d’huile d’olive:

Retrouvez la position producteur qui a rejoins La Compagnie de l’Huile d’Olive.