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Discover a rigorous selection of regional olive products 100% made in France! La Compagnie de l’huile d’Olive, offers you the opportunity to taste traditional recipes from small producers in Provence using traditional production and manufacturing methods. Patiently, these small producers have selected raw materials from the soils of Provence. They have skillfully prepared tasty recipes capable of seducing the finest gourmets!

Olives and olive pastes from France

In the Gard, the varieties of olives are Picholine and Lucques. These varieties are traditional of this department. The olive Picholine has a firm and crunchy flesh. Its stone gives it a hazelnut flavour. The Picholine is an olive renowned in Provence for its size and an incomparable flavour! It is the ideal olive for aperitifs. The Lucques du Gard olive looks like a crescent moon. Its juicy flesh with a buttery avocado taste is easily identifiable. It is a high quality olive from France and very appreciated as an aperitif!

The Drôme produces an olive unique in the world: the Nyons olive. This olive of France is also called the Tanche. A black olive variety that resists the cold of winter and has a wrinkled skin. The pulp of the Tanche is finely crushed to make an olive paste, which is called Vegetarian Tapenade. It is a natural product made with organic olives and olive oil. The best way to reveal the flavour of the olive! Tapenades are more elaborate with the introduction of garlic, anchovies and aromatic plants.