A diversity of terroirs with PDO olive oils

A strong historical link between terroir and PDO olive oil


PDO extra virgin olive oil

Discover the different PDO olive oils

PDO Protected Designation of Origin olive oil is characterised by a strong historical link between olive oil and the specific characteristics of a terroir: geographical area, climate, geology, olive tree varieties and know-how. Olive oil producers must meet very precise specifications. Its application is monitored by an independent body.

La Compagnie de l’huile d’Olive offers for sale extra virgin olive oil PDO :

AOP olive oil from the Baux-de-Provence valley of superior quality, medal-winning, very characteristic of the Bouches-du-Rhône department, with the following varieties: Salonenque, Verdale, Grossane, Aglandau.
This PDO is offered in 2 types of fruitiness: green fruity with an intense taste and black fruity with an old-fashioned taste.

Nîmes PDO olive oil of superior quality, medal-winning, specific to the Gard department. This olive oil is mainly composed of more than 70% Picholine.

Nyons PDO olive oil is produced in the vicinity of Nyons, in the south of the Drôme department. The olives are of the tench variety.