A diversity of terroirs with AOP extra virgin olive oil

A strong historical link between the terroir and the AOP olive oil


AOP extra virgin olive oil

Discover the different types of AOP Olive Oils

Protected Appellation of Origin (AOP) olive oil is characterized by a strong historical link between olive oil and the specificities of a terroir : geographical area, climate, geology, olive varieties and know-how. Olive oil producers have to meet strict specifications. Its application is subject to a control by an independent body.
La Compagnie de l’huile d’olive offers for sale extra virgin olive oil PDO:

– PDO olive oil from the Baux-de-Provence valley : superior medallist quality, very characteristic of the Bouches-du-Rhône department, with varieties: Salonenque, Verdale, Grossane, Aglandau.
This AOP is proposed in 2 types of fruity : a green fruity with the intense taste and a black fruity with the old taste.

– AOP Nîmes olive oil : superior medallist quality, specific to the Gard department. This olive oil is mainly composed of more than 70% of Picholine.

– The PDO olive oil from Nyons is produced near Nyons, in the South of the department of Drôme. Olives are of the tench variety.