recette pain perdu huile d'olive et miel
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Recipe for French toast with olive oil and honey

Recipe for French toast with olive oil and honey

Discover this recipe for French toast with olive oil and honey, ideal for your breakfasts or for a gourmet snack! Generally, olive oil is rarely used in baking. However, it has significant advantages, both in terms of taste and health. Try this recipe which will satisfy children and adults with its exceptional flavors!



In a deep dish, break and beat the eggs and add milk (the mixture should be about 2 to 3 cm thick in the dish).

Add the cinnamon and the lavender honey (the honey must be liquid to obtain a homogeneous mixture).

Mix well and then heat a frying pan over medium heat with some extra virgin olive oil.

Then, soak your bread slices in the mixture prepared earlier and spread each side with a teaspoon of honey.

Cook your bread slices over high heat until both sides are golden brown.

After cooking, wait about 5 minutes.

You can then enjoy this recipe with fresh fruits, honey or melted chocolate for a delicious breakfast or a nice snack with your kids!