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Christine Rosso
Organic & PDO olive grower in Haute Provence in Quinson, Gorges du Verdon


The extraction of olive oil

The Enchanted Olive is an extra virgin olive oil from the Verdon, cold extracted, first pression, obtained directly from olives by mechanical processes, without any chemical or refining method. It is separately pressed at the Moulin de Gréoux-les-bains to ensure the 100% organic certification and the PDO Haute Provence Appellation.

Olive oil characteristics

The Enchanted Olive is a PDO olive oil from Haute Provence, certified Organic AB and Organic Europe. The total absence of pesticides, a cultivation of the olive tree on living soil, the total respect of biodiversity make it possible to extract an olive oil of exceptional terroir 100 % organic. An organic and PDO olive oil, natural and healthy which retains all the beneficial health properties such as oleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acids, omega and vitamins.

The olives are harvested at full maturity to obtain an authentic olive oil from the Alpes de Haute Provence with aromas of artichoke, cut grass, green fruit and almond. An organic olive oil with remarkable taste qualities that enhances all salads, cooked vegetables, starchy foods, pasta, risotto, fresh goat cheese, carpaccio, tartar, fish and poultry.

Certification & Appellation  :

Contact details :

Address : Christine Rosso, l’Huile d’Olive Enchantée, 04500 Quinson, France

Phone : 0671899892

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Quantity and utilisation advices :

The production of the olive oil of the “Olive Enchantée” is about 1000 liters/year. The olives come from century-old trees. A century-old vintage in a limited edition with a marked aromatic intensity!


Christine Rosso, organic & PDO olive grower in Haute Provence, Verdon

Organic & PDO olive oil producer in Haute Provence

The history of the oil mill :

In Quinson, in the Verdon Regional Natural Park, Christine Rosso grows her century-old olive trees organically. Near the famous low gorges of the Verdon, Christine has returned to the family tradition by exploiting the Terres Blanches, the name given to this small terroir because of its white clay and limestone soil. From her childhood memories, Christine recalls her great-grandfather, an olive oil merchant in Quinson who had inherited from her family this parcel of olive trees built from a stone shed. From this period, Christine has preserved beautiful terracotta jars that testify to a family’s attachment to the olive tree. Passionate and committed to organic farming and the preservation of biodiversity, the olive grower is dedicated to her olive grove located at an altitude of 500m. The century-old olive trees benefit from an ideal microclimate and a sunshine favourable to the maturity of the olives. At harvest time, the whole family is busy collecting olives with the pulpy flesh of the Aglandau variety. Due to the age of its olive trees, the production of Extra virgin organic PDO olive oil from the Haute Provence of Christine is about 1000 liters/year. A very rare French olive oil from century-old olive trees, called “L’Olive Enchantée du Verdon” !

Olive oil varieties :

The olive trees of the Terres Blanches du Verdon are of the Aglandau and Bouteillan variety, typical of the Alpes de Haute Provence. The olive oil extracted from the Aglandau is very reputed and appreciated for its fruitiness and smoothness. The olive oil of the Enchanted olive of the Verdon benefits from the PDO Haute Provence Appellation, of the Bio AB and Bio Europe labels.

Bouteillan : long-lasting olive oil in the mouth. Scented, but without ardor. With aromas of freshly cut green grass (raw artichoke).
Aglandau : a creamy olive oil with a vegetal fruity taste. Burning with a slight peppery bitterness.

Culinary advices :

The extra virgin PDO olive oil from Haute Provence and certified Bio the “Olive Enchantée” has a green fruity, an intense and fruity taste. It is an olive oil from century-old olive trees that is particularly smooth and very delicate with notes of raw artichoke and almond. This organic olive oil from France is exceptional on salads, raw and cooked vegetables, tartar, carpaccio, fish, poultry, fresh goat cheese… This olive oil is ideal for salt-free cooking thanks to its strong aromatic intensity. It will even spice up tasteless dishes !

Healthy and natural, this organic olive oil from France and AOP Haute Provence is recommended for vegan, vegan and vegetarian cuisine because of its many health benefits.

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