olive oil

Why choose extra virgin olive oil from small French producers?

There’s no olive oil! But there is a variety of extra virgin French olive oils – cold extracted – with subtle aromatic flavours that can be combined with both sweet and savoury dishes.

Tasting olive oils

To forge your palate, just taste the olive oils from France, without any food and as often as possible. To begin with, you can compare an olive oil from a small French producer to that from a supermarket: the difference is immediate.

Then, it will be possible to compare French olive oils with each other, to appreciate their great diversity. Then, don’t hesitate to compare olive oils from France, to olive oils from various origins. The olive oil of the small French producer will have character! And, share these unforgettable tasting moments with family and friends!

The appellations and medals bring real guarantees

The olive varieties, their level of maturity and the soil where the olive groves are planted play an essential role in the taste of extra virgin olive oil. The AOC, PDO and organic designations offer real guarantees of olive oil quality. The medals obtained in French competitions are also indicators of high quality and remarkable typicity. Single variety extra virgin olive oils from France are typical and appreciated by top chefs. Depending on the culinary preparation, it is advisable to select the most suitable olive oil.

Don’t forget to read the labels and check the origin of the olive oil!