Recipe : lavender honey cupcakes

Recipe : lavender honey cupcakes

A recipe for lavender honey cupcakes which are light and easy to make .


100g of flour
110g of butter
2 eggs
100g powdered sugar
2 tablespoons lavender honey from Alpes de Haute Provence
1 teaspoon of baking yeast

To make the glaze:

200g of icing sugar
Dyes (optional)
200g of fresh cheese
2 tablespoons lavender honey from Alpes de Haute Provence


Preheat your oven to 180°C.

Soften the butter in a bowl (preferably with an electric mixer).

Beat the eggs in another container and add them to the bowl.

Then gradually add the flour, baking powder, sugar and honey. Mix until you obtain a homogeneous dough.

Fill the cupcakes into the cupcakes moulds at ⅔ and bake for 15 minutes, watching the baking process with a blade. When the blade comes out dry, take out the cupcakes and let cool.

To make your icing, mix the fresh cheese, the two tablespoons of lavender honey, the icing sugar and the food colouring (if you wish).

Place the preparation in a piping bag. Using a smooth tip, place the icing on your cupcakes.

This recipe for lavender honey cupcakes will go great with honey tea.