olive oil

Olive oil from France: a corporate gift with strong symbolic values

What an original and authentic corporate gift to offer its customers and employees? The extra virgin olive oil from France is first of all, a product of great gustative quality appreciated by all lovers of good food. But it is also a gift steeped in history and of great symbolic richness.

An original corporate gift: the extra virgin olive oil of France PDO, Organic and medal-winning.

What to offer as a corporate gift for the holiday season? What business gift to choose for corporate events? Wines, boxes of chocolates, promotional items… Extra virgin olive oil from France is a healthy product that honours the beauty and diversity of the French terroir. It brings a touch of sunshine to the kitchen and is loved by gourmets.
To be sure not to make a mistake about the quality of the olive oil, choose olive oils with the PDO or Organic designation.
Every year agricultural competitions award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the best olive oils in France.

Olive oil, a corporate gift with symbols rich in meaning

Olive oil symbolizes knowledge and light. Historically, it was used as a source of illumination.
Olive oil represents wealth, fecundity and fertility. Originally, athletes at the Olympic Games in Athens were given olive oil as a gift for their participation in the competition.
Olive oil is a pure juice from the fruit of a tree loaded with strong values. The image of the olive tree conveys timeless values: peace, benevolence, longevity, power, strength, victory, wisdom and generosity.
The olive tree symbolizes both wisdom and eternity, but also renewal and peace. The life span of an olive tree can reach more than 2000 years. Severe pruning allows it to be constantly rejuvenated. Cultivated in difficult conditions, the olive tree is resistant and generous, always producing its fruits.
The olive tree and olive oil are emblematic of Mediterranean societies and Provence.
The PDO and organic olive oil from the South of France cannot leave anyone indifferent. It is a pleasant gift to receive and which marks the spirits. The extra virgin olive oil of France is a corporate gift that allows to restore a strong image marked by highly symbolic values.