A unique concept for the sale of olive oil

To achieve the ambitious goal of introducing French olive oils to a wide public of olive oil lovers in France and abroad, La Compagnie de l’huile d’Olive offers a unique concept.

The creation of a shared commercial site specialising in appellation and organic French extra virgin olive oils.

La Compagnie de l’huile d’Olive offers a mutualized solution for the distribution of olive oil: an alliance of solidarity and partnership based on trust.

The objective of La Compagnie de l’huile d’Olive is to set up new forms of commercial partnerships. The advantages for olive oil producers are numerous and long-lasting.

The advantages for olive oil producers! A unique concept of selling Olive Oil!

The work of the olive grower is simplified. He can concentrate solely on the production of olive oil, on improving his yields and on the quality of his production.

The olive grower can keep his usual distribution channels.

The olive oil producer improves his profitability through short distribution channels.

– The olive grower enhances the value of his activity, his name, his terroir, his appellations and certifications.

– A non-exclusive long-term partnership that preserves the autonomy of the olive oil producer.

– The olive oil producer sets his selling price with complete freedom.

A change in commercial practices

The Compagnie de l’huile d’Olive is committed to transparent and trusting relationships with producers. They offer their olive oil production for sale free of charge. They freely define their selling price for the consumer. They define in consultation with the Compagnie de l’huile d’Olive a fixed and transparent commission.