The great qualities of French honey

The great qualities of French honey

If extra virgin olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean diet, honey is recognized for its gustatory qualities and its many virtues on well-being.

It helps to combat overwork, has antiseptic properties, can be used as a healing agent and relieves a sore throat. Composed of fructose and glucose, honey is easily assimilated by the body and is an energy source for athletes. Still, should you use a quality honey…

Checking the origin for a 100% natural honey of quality
The honey is made exclusively by bees from the nectar of flowers. The variety of flowers gathered by the bees will have an influence on its taste. Thus the lavender honey has a typical taste found in France in Provence.

To choose a quality honey, it is necessary to check its origin. The origin of the honey must be indicated on the label. For example, there has been a significant appearance of honey from China, Mexico and Argentina, but also honey from the EU. Some honeys have unclear names: blends of EU and non-EU honeys. Others are not 100% natural since they are cut with glucose syrup or mixed with water. The name honey, in this case, is totally wrong. A honey from a French beekeeper provides good guarantees of authenticity.

Michel Flayant’s lavender honey from Provencal Drôme

Michel Flayant is an olive grower and olive miller in the Baronnies Provençales. The extra virgin olive oil from Nyons that he produces enjoys an international reputation. Passionate, Michel is interested in what nature gives with generosity. The Compagnie de l’huile d’Olive discovered Michel Flayant’s lavender honey and wanted to share with you this authentic honey from the mountains of Buis les Baronnies. In Provencal Drôme, lavender grows at an altitude of about 600 m. This plant is seen as the symbol of Provence. Lavender honey is therefore emblematic of this terroir with its exceptional landscape. Drôme lavender honey is often considered one of the best honeys in France. Michel Flayant is a beekeeper by passion only. It has a small flock of 150 beehives and produces lavender honey exclusively by hand. Its honey has a smooth and fine texture. It is very fragrant with delicate and tasty aromas. It is an elegant honey and very characteristic of lavender honey with its golden yellow colour.

Tasting and benefits of lavender honey from France

Lavender honey can be enjoyed in many ways: on toast or to make desserts and dishes. It can be used in a hot drink such as tea or herbal tea. It will pleasantly accompany a scoop of ice cream, yoghurt and fruit salad.

Lavender honey is also a general antiseptic to be used externally on insect bites or small burns. It calms the cough. It has energetic properties appreciated by sportsmen and women and helps to fight against overwork.