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The best olive oils in France, natural and authentic gifts…

The best olive oils in France, natural and authentic gifts…

Provence and Mediterranean terroirs have a treasure trove of flavours. The best olive oils in France are produced by small olive growers and millers in the respect of a true know-how. These unique and rare olive oils are wonderful gifts to offer and to taste. Olive oil from France is a natural gift with outstanding health benefits. But it is also an authentic and noble gift, capable of seducing the finest gourmets…

The world of flavours of the best olive oils in France

The small French olive oil producers produce an extra virgin olive oil that has become rare. Far from the industrial logics, the olive oils of small producers have unique flavours, different according to the years, the production areas, the terroirs, the varieties and the know-how of the millers. Olive oils assembled in industrial mills have a standardised taste. CE labels reflect the great diversity of origins in Europe. If you are looking for authentic extra virgin olive oils from the South of France, choose PDO, AOC, Organic! They are rigorously controlled for their production areas, their varieties which are typical of certain terroirs and their qualities (compliance with specifications and control).

Some olive oils from France have been rewarded for their tastes and aromas in important agricultural competitions by professionals or oleologists. As wine, olive oil has a wide variety of flavours. Mild or spicy, sweet or fiery, extra virgin olive oils from Provence and the Mediterranean are distinguished by their subtle aromas. La Compagnie de l’Huile d’Olive selects only the best olive oils in France, according to factual requirements: PDO/AOC, Organic and medallists in the greatest agricultural competitions.

Extra virgin olive oils from the South of France: nature’s treasures for your health.

Olive oil is the staple food of the Mediterranean or Cretan diet. This diet allows you to live longer and healthier lives. The daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, some cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. Polyphenols contained in olive oil have an anti-inflammatory effect that can prevent arthritis. The daily consumption of 1 to 2 spoonfuls of very good quality olive oil prevents the risk of diabetes and hyperglycemia. The monounsaturated fatty acids contained in olive oil normalize blood sugar levels. Its action on digestion and constipation is also very positive. Indeed, it is an excellent digestive bandage. Finally, extra virgin olive oil with its anti-oxidant properties is excellent on all skin and hair types. The exceptional content of olive oil in omega 9 and vitamins A, C, D, E helps fight against the effects of aging. It promotes cell renewal. To learn more about the virtues of olive oil on the body, we suggest you to read the articles published by the Compagnie de l’huile d’Olive on this site. Always choose a first cold-pressed olive oil (extra virgin), certified by an appellation and of French production!

Olive oils from France, an authentic gift for all gourmets

Olive oil from France is appreciated by all gourmets and cooking lovers. It is regularly honoured by the great chefs. Cooked or raw, olive oil retains its taste and benefits. It is the great favourite for dressing salads and it favours the preservation of meats, cheeses, anchovies, tuna….Olive oil gives texture and taste to all emulsions. Meat and fish can be marinated in olive oil. In cooking, all uses are popular: stir-fried, candied, fried, roasted … And above all, a simple drizzle of olive oil is enough to spice up cooked and raw vegetables, fish and meat. Olive oil adds a delicate aromatic touch to sweet and savoury dishes, Christmas and holiday dishes. Offering olive oil from France, winner of a major agricultural competition, is an excellent gift idea! A healthy, noble and authentic product, olive oil from France is emblematic of the diversity of the terroirs of Provence and French gastronomy. La Compagnie de l’Huile d’Olive’s gift boxes are invitations to discover the best olive oils of France.