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The olive oil “Goût à l’ancienne” from Provence: a unique olive oil in the world!

The olive oil “Goût à l’ancienne” from Provence: a unique olive oil in the world!

Olive oil with an old-fashioned taste is a traditional Provencal speciality. The know-how of the millers is a determining factor in obtaining an exceptional taste of fruity black fruit. To obtain this olive oilexclusively produced in France, the millers must perfectly master the olive maturation process. This know-how is passed on from generation to generation in Les Baux-de-Provence and Nîmes. Long forgotten, the old-fashioned extra virgin olive oil, so typical of Provence, is now popular for its candied olive taste.

The extra virgin olive oil “Goût à l’ancienne” a vintage of Provencal tradition

This French extra virgin olive oil is characterized by its unique taste of candied black olive with aromas of truffles, cacao or sourdough bread. This ancestral tradition consists, first, in picking green olives. They are then naturally matured for 2 to 7 days in the oil mill under the watchful eye of the millers. Their role is indeed fundamental because without this know-how, it would be impossible to obtain this unique taste of black fruit. This traditional French olive oil from Provence requires a perfect knowledge of the olive ripening process which is passed down from father to son. Denis Fage’s Moulin Paradis PDO olive oil “A l’ancienne” from Nîmes and Denis Fage’s Vallée des Baux de Provence PDO olive oil “Fruité noir” illustrate the perfect Provencal tradition. Their rare aromatic palettes make these two extra virgin olive oils real nectars, much appreciated by fine gourmets and great chefs.

Discover the recipe of the extra virgin olive oil with an old-fashioned or fruity black taste

At the time of the olive harvest between October and December, the miller is in operation. Once the olives have reached the ripening stage, they are gently crushed and then cold pressed. For the millers, the aim is to obtain the slow rhythm of the old stone millstones typical of the old mills of Provence. In order to obtain the famous old-fashioned taste of this extra virgin oil from France, the miller mixes several varieties of olives according to the specifications in force to obtain the PDO designation for his land. The olive oil is then decanted. Before bottling or canning, quality experts check and test the properties of the olive oil to guarantee the origin of the olive varieties and the quality of the olive oil.

Denis Fage’s PDO olive oil from Les Baux de Provence “Goût à l’ancienne” and the PDO olive oil from Moulin Paradis “Goût à l’ancienne” are recognised for their exceptional taste qualities. They successfully perpetuate the Provencal tradition of an olive oil unique in the world!