Benefits of olive oil on the health of babies

Benefits of olive oil on the health of babies

The benefits of olive oil on the health of babies are significant. Find out in this article the benefits of incorporating olive oil early in a toddler’s diet.

Nutrients similar to those contained in breast milk

Olive oil has many virtues, whether for your health, your well-being or the health of your children. Indeed, it contains nutrients surprisingly similar to those contained in breast milk.

First of all, extra virgin olive oil contains omega 3, omega 6 and linoleic acid in the same proportions as breast milk. These nutrients are essential for the myelination of nerve fibers and the development of the child’s brain.

Olive oil also has a positive effect on the growth of toddlers and children. Indeed, it favors the absorption of vitamin D which regulates calcium and phosphorus. It also encourages the intake of essential minerals to promote the ossification process. Thus, olive oil is a shield against bone fractures for babies and young children and prevents the risk of osteoporosis in adulthood.

Finally, in Italy for example, doctors regularly recommend olive oil for babies weaned from breast milk, especially for babies suffering from colic. Indeed, it facilitates the natural gastric process thanks to its oleuropein content, a natural anti-inflammatory.

How can olive oil be used to promote good health for babies?

Recent research has shown that cholesterol levels in children have increased and that obesity now affects one in three children. Olive oil can reduce cholesterol levels and thus contribute to the reduction of obesity among children. It is therefore recommended to replace animal fats such as butter with olive oil, which will bring more benefits.

Also, according to Dr. Saverio Pandolfi, it is a food similar to breast milk. He advises to include a teaspoon of quality extra virgin olive oil in every meal cooked for your baby.

Finally, the consumption of olive oil during pregnancy would be a factor that would reduce the risk of asthma in babies. Their immune system would be more efficient and they would be less likely to develop rhinitis or allergies.