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Provence invites itself at the foot of the Christmas tree 2018 with its flavours of olive oil and honey

Provence invites itself at the foot of the Christmas tree 2018 with its flavours of olive oil and honey

Soon Christmas and the New Year with its many preparations! New Year’s Eve meals, Christmas and New Year’s Eve gifts… An opportunity to introduce your friends and family to the extra virgin olive oil from France and the honeys from the small producers of Provence. Products full of the tradition of Christmas in Provence and which will seduce the fine gourmets.

The olive oil of Provence, an original, authentic and natural Christmas gift:

Now is the time to look for Christmas gifts. If you are looking for a quality gift at a reasonable price, olive oil from the terroirs of France is an authentic and natural gift, full of great taste and symbolic value.

Offering extra virgin olive oil from France is first of all a way to discover the olive-growing terroirs of the French Mediterranean basin and Provence. The olive oil comes from the work of the olive tree, carried out over the seasons by passionate men and women. The olive tree is a legendary tree, full of history and symbols: peace, power, eternity, wisdom, victory and fertility.

Offering olive oil also means sharing the taste of good food. Thus, quality olive oil is a healthy product and an abundant source of antioxidants that helps prevent damage to body tissues by “free radicals”.

Finally, olive oil from France enjoys great prestige. It is associated with the reputation of French gastronomy. In ancient times, olive oil represented knowledge because it was a source of light.

The Compagnie de l’huile d’Olive based in the Var has selected small French producers with unique know-how, respectful of the Provençal olive-growing tradition. All the olive oils are French, extra virgin, PDO, AOC, organic or grand cru.

Honey from France, a gourmet gift to offer for the festive season:

The honey of Provence from small producers is a noble, natural and healthy product. It is excellent for the palate and for health. Honey is rich in minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron) and vitamins (B and C).

Offering honey at Christmas or New Year’s Eve is a beautiful way to express affection and tenderness to your loved ones. Quality honey is an authentic gift that symbolizes all the beauty of nature. Produced by bees from the nectar of flowers, honey symbolizes abundance, sweetness, sensuality, pleasure.

Still, it is necessary to choose a French and local honey! French legislation guarantees a controlled product. It is stricter than European regulations. Check that the honey mentions the name of the beekeeper and the place of production. This honey is pure and has not undergone any transformation. Products bearing the words ‘Mixture of EU and non-EU honeys’, which have poor traceability, should be abandoned. Honey from France is pure and precious.

The honey selected by La Compagnie de l’huile de l’Olive is pure and healthy honey produced from the hives of Michel Fayant in Buis les Baronnies (France). This olive oil beekeeper promotes beekeeping that respects bees, the ecosystem and the environment by producing a lavender honey and a thyme, linden and lavender honey.